Specifications :

  1. Workable Dimension : Min Ø 6MM, Max Ø 15MM
  2. Machine Dimentions LxWxH : 160x92x212 cm
  3. Power Consumption : 3.7 KW
  4. Power Supply : 380 V – 50 Hz
  5. Production up to : 60 pcs/min
  6. Net Weight : 1150 Kg


Automa c machine for the produc on of loose, smooth & lined balls star ng from tube or metal plate (of precious and un-precious alloys). The shape of the balls can be spherical, oval, cubic, teardrop, barrel,
flat, and in several other shapes on request, simply with the rapid change of the equipment. The machine works at a variable speed to guarantee greater control during the startup phase, with automa c oil lubrica on, equipped with control and safety sensors.


  1. Safety protec ons
  2. Incoming material end sensors
  3. Exit balls control sensor


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