Features :

  1. Excellent molding durability to wax, epoxy resin & polyurethane.
  2. Excellent release ability
  3. Low viscosity
  4. Excellent tear and tensile strength
  5. Low shrinkage (room temperature cure)
  6. Three types of curing agents available :-
    (B): standard
    (C): for strong reverse taper property
    (D): for machine mixing
  7. Curing speed can be controlled with retarder ME75.


Momentive TSE3455T is a two-component, addition cure liquid silicone rubber designed for mold making. TSE3455T cures at room temperature to a translucent high strength elastic rubber with the addition of curing agents.
Momentive TSE3455T is the top selling brand for mold making in the jewellery industry.


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