Power supply : AC 220 V±10%, single phase
Power consumption : 6 KVA
Temperature setting range : 0°C~950°C
Temperature display range : 0°C~1200°C
Furnace temperature control accuracy : set temperature ±2°C(under stable condition at 100~950°C)
Afterburner : There is no temperature control, Step1~3 – automatic operation, Step4~ – It is possible to set ON/OFF
Temperature display accuracy : ±5°C at 0~1,000°C
Indication of rotational position of rotary tables position : 1~18
Operation steps : 9steps(Step1~9)
Number of memories 20 : (Memories 0~19)
Maximum height of mold (flask) : 230mm
Number of molds (flasks) that can be set up : φ100-13, φ89-15, φ76-19
External dimension (including the afterburner) : 895 (W)×708(D)×1,984 (H) mm
Weight of main body : About 220Kg