Features :

  1. Open welding chamber
  2. X-Y-Z motorized table
  3. Multifunction joystick
  4. 10X Stereo microscope LEICA
  5. 7” touch screen color display
  6. In-line camera
  7. R-axis rotation system (Optional)
  8. Double cooling system


It is the perfect solution for welding requiring high precision of execution and therefore the operator cannot perform it manually. It is equipped with a motorise controlled by a joystick with all the functions on board, included the shot button and the adjustment of the rotary axis, supplied as an option for circular welding. It is equipped with a completely open welding chamber, suitable to accommodate even bulky pieces. Available with energies ranging from 100 J to 140 J, distinguishes a great flexibility in the use for small and medium.


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