Desktop Analyzer

The Thermo Scientifi c TM Niton TM Desktop X-ray Lab delivers fast and accurate analysis of all precious metals and major alloying elements. Compact and portable, the Niton DXL is an innovative instrument that gives pawn shops, jewelers and refi neries a competitive edge while building trusting relationships with customers.

  • Simple to operate, safe to use and perfect for retail environments
  • Analyzes composition of all precious metals quickly and simultaneously
  • Increases profi tability with precise results and detection of counterfeit items


Just close the lid and push the button! See your test results in seconds on a bright, touchscreen color display. No need to use any harsh chemicals or acids that can burn fingers, ruin clothing, and damage countertops or carpets – not to mention create employer liability issues.


AC or battery-powered, the Niton DXL precious metal analyzer is fully calibrated and ready to use. The closed-beam design prevents x-ray exposure to customers and operators, and the analyzer’s windows reveal an LED-illuminated sample chamber, which ensures that items undergoing analysis never leave the customer’s sight.

Accuracy and Precision

Unlike acid or electronic tests, the Niton XRF analyzer gives an exact, quantitative result for ALL precious metal compositions – not an approximation or a result outside the limited testing range of the method. What’s more, the Niton DXL provides karat-purity results very comparable to the gold-standard testing method, fi re assay, which must be performed in a laboratory by trained experts.


The optional Small Spot feature allows isolation of small samples or components, and the built-in camera enables traceability by tagging an image to the test result.

Gold Plate Detection

Don’t be fooled by resistant materials or stainless steel. Our patented gold (Au) plate detection and identification technology, or AuDIT TM , instantly identifies gold plating of light to medium thickness. Available only on Niton XRF analyzers, AuDIT flags vermeil, gold-plated copper, steel, tungsten, and any other non-gold substrate, helping to keep you profitable.

Thermo Scientifi c Niton DXL Precious Metal Analyzer Specifi cations
Weight 17 lbs (7.7kg)
Outside Dimensions 15.6 d x 8.1 w x 10.4 h in. (396 x 206 x 265 mm)
Test Chamber Dimensions 6.9 d x 7.2 w x 5.2 h in. (172 x 184 x 133 mm)
Tube Ag anode 45 kV maximum, 80 μA maximum
Detector High-performance Si-PIN semiconductor
System Electronics – 400 MHz ARM 11 CPU
– 300 MHz dedicated DSPM
– 80 MHz ASICS DSP for signal processing
– 4096 channel MCA
– 64 MB internal system memory/ 128 MB internal user storage
Display Color touch-screen display
Standard Analytical Range 22 elements including all precious metals
Data Storage Internal >10,000 readings with spectra
Data Transfer USB
Security Password-protected user security
Data Entry – Touch-screen keyboard
– User-programmable pick lists
Standard Features and Accessories – One 7.2V 4-cell lithium-ion battery pack (charges in the instrument
while on external power)
– 110/220V AC adapter
– USB PC connection cable
– Niton Data Transfer (NDTTM) PC software
– 8 mm measurement area
– Internal CCD camera for precise sample positioning
– Adhesive Tack for stabilization of samples
– Spare puncture-resistant x-ray windows
Optional Features and Accessoriess – 3 mm small-spot focus feature
– Additional battery pack
– External battery charger
– Locking shielded carrying case
Licensing/Registration Varies by region. Contact your local distributor.
Compliance CE, RoHS