Pilotage 1 (C120) - Compact LCD 3D Printer

Pilotage 1 is a high-standard LCD-3D printer, we use the HIWIN Industrial Module,DuPont FEP film, Sharp LCD screen,ES LED Lamp. All aluminum alloy body, 5-inch industrial computer, touch screen operation, offline printing with U disk transmission data.It is for perfect application, which requires the best in detail, precision and accuracy.Fully independent development of more powerful support and slicing software.Repairing Model, automatic typesetting, automatic judging the support’s position and adding supports, having various support types, And the tree-shape support is more suitable for the Jewellery. More easier to use and more powerful.All hardware and software optimization methods are based on years of experience in developing and using DLP 3D printers. Optimizing screen brightness through software,the brightness at each position on the LCD screen is even and reliable, so that this can ensure the uniformity of all printing areas.High precision is more suitable for printing items which need higher precision of printing size and more smooth of surface quality, such as jewelry, crowns, surgical guides, etc.

Brand 3D Plus
Model Pilotage 1(C120)
Formation Space 115*65*100mm
X/Y axis precision 47.25um
Z axis precision 25-20 um adjustable
Device Size 280 x 280 x 430 mm
Weight 15 kg
Power Supply 100~120VAC 7A/50/60Hz,
200~240VAC 3A/50/60Hz
T&H 20-26℃, Below 40%

Light Source LED UV
Forming Element LCD Panel
Operation System 32bits Win 7 or above system
Software 3D Plus Studio
Format .stl .slc
Materials C301C/C302H/C3055
Printing Speed Table
X/Y resolution (um) Layer Thickness (um) Printing Height (mm/h)
47.25 50 8-10
47.25 25 4-6