industrial Grade DLP 3D Printer

Plus 4(L140) is a industrial grade large format DLP-3D printer, which has big molding size, high precision and great surface quality. Forming format is larger and higher. It has simple operation, which can assist small casting device, and in other words, it can be used to make jewelries in small batch.

Plus 4 has adopted specialized high-definition projection optical engine. It has high uniformity of illumination, which can ensure stable molding at each location of molding plane. Highly stable LED UV light source is used, and the service life can reach 20000 hours, which can ensure reliable molding during the printing process. Multiple models or big-size model can be printed, and 60 models can be printed every 3 hours.

Brand DLP 3D Printer
Model Plus 4
Formation Space 144x81x200mm
X/Y axis precision 75pm
Z axis precision 25-50 um adjustable
Device Size 700x510x1550mm
Weight 150kg
Power Supply 200-240VAC 50/60Hz, 3A
T&H 20-26°C, Below 40%

Light Source LED UV
Scanning Mode DLP ® Texas Instruments
Operating System 32 bit Win7 or above
Software 3D Plus Studio
Format .stl .sic
Printing speed table
X/Y resolution (11m) 75 Layer THK (11m)50 Printing HIT (mm/h)9-12
75 25 6-8

301C Performance Parameter Table
ASTM Method Description Value
DIN 1342-2 Viscosity 322.4Mpa*s
DIN EN ISO 527-1 Tensile Strength 18.2Mpa
DIN EN ISO 527-1 Elongation at Break 5.13%
DIN EN ISO 178 Flexural Strength 21.3Mpa
DIN EN ISO 178 Flexural Modulus 385.0Mpa
DIN EN ISO 178 Bending Strain 8.9%
DIN EN ISO 180 Izod Impact-Notched 9.57KJ/m2
DIN ISO 1183-1 Density 1.08 1.12g/cm3
DIN EN ISO 868 Hardness (Shore D) 65 Shore
DIN 53765 Ignition Temperature 400℃